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  1. Kimberleigh Craig says:

    My husband and I are excepting our FIRST baby! And we are currently looking for a Doula for our birthing experience. Our “due date” is between 12-24 to1-1-15, our doctors are currently unsure because when I was once very regular the months leading to conception I was irregular.
    We try to go natural/organic as much as possible and would like our birthing to be the same way. We have done a lot of research and talked to friends, and have been told a Doula really helps achieve this more so than without one. Since we are new at this we are really unsure the process, we just been told to start talking with Doula’s. Part of the research I have been doing online is looking for Doulas in the Lancaster area, and really liked what I read so far on your page. We really hope to hear from you soon.

    Kimberleigh and Jared

  2. mothershipwellness says:

    Hi Kimberleigh!
    Fantastic to hear! We are having a “Meet the Doulas” gathering at Mulberry Street Diaper Co. on Thursday, June 12, if you would like to come and learn more about what doulas do and don’t do, as well as to get any questions answered that you may have! I’ll email you a copy of our client/doula contract as well! Thanks for connecting!

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