Doula Matchmaking Service

Mothership Doula Matchmaker Service:  Make only one call to find a doula that you totally resonate with!  

What Is A Doula? Also known as a Labor Assistant, a birth doula provides comfort and support to the expecting mother during labor, delivery, and the initial postpartum period.  The word “doula” comes from the Greek word meaning “a woman who serves.”  A doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support for the family so that the expectant parents may experience an easier, more intimate and comforting birth.

Research shows that having a doula to support you during the birthing process has been shown to facilitate:

  • Emotionally easier birth experiences
  • Shorter length of labors with less difficulty and exhaustion
  • Fewer complications
  • Fewer assisted vaginal deliveries
  • Less incidences of C-sections
  • Long term benefits include less postpartum depression, increase in mother-infant bonding, better breastfeeding outcomes, and overall maternal satisfaction

Elements Of Care:

  • Education & Information – Translations of what is happening
  • Emotional Support – Empowerment, encouragement, and empathy
  • Physical Support, Comfort, & Care – Massage, positioning, breathing, hydration, acupressure, orderliness of birthing room (noise reduction, soft lighting, temperature control)

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Add Some Flair: Other additional services that you can purchase a la carte include:

  • Daddy Doula Class: If you aren’t quite sure you’d like a doula at your birth, our trained doulas will show your partner/support person tips, pointers and tricks on how to be the best doula they can be. Two-hour class. $75
  • Placenta Encapsulation: $225/$200 if combined with any other service.
  • Nutrition consultation with our Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner: A one-hour session to answer any questions you have and to learn the basics of what it takes to nourish your body, making way for an easier birth and a stronger, smarter, healthier baby. Common, dated nutrition myths debunked! $50
  • Birth wish-list consulting: A two-hour consultation to assist you with creating a birth plan. $50
  • Prenatal massage: One hour of blissful relaxation to make you feel like the Goddess you are.  Not only is it relaxing, it is therapeutic, as it helps to move blood and lymph in the body, assisting in reducing swelling and eliminating toxins. Contact us for referrals.
  • Private, personalized prenatal yoga class: Connect with your baby, tone and relax muscles, manage pain and stress through mindful breath. $45  Contact Mothership for public and group class pricing.
  • Belly Photography: Private photo session to capture professional pregnancy portraits. Contact us for a list of photographer referrals.
  • Birth Story: A written snapshot of your birth events, recounted by your doula, for you and your family to enjoy.  Great for putting in baby books! $40

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What Doulas Don’t Do:

  1. Doulas are not health care professionals and do not perform clinical tasks, such as fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, and taking blood pressure.  They are there to provide only physical comfort, emotional and information support and advocacy.
  2. Doulas do not make medical decisions.  Doulas will help clients get the information needed to make informed choices.
  3. Doulas do not speak to medical staff regarding matters where health care decisions are being made.  Doulas can discuss concerns with clients and suggest options, and can support clients and/or their partners in discussions with staff as an advocate, but it is the client or the client’s partner that will speak on the client’s behalf to the medical staff.
  4. Doulas will not prescribe, diagnose, or treat any medical problems that may arise.  This is the role of the client’s primary caregiver.

**Contact us to receive a copy of our Client/Doula Contract so you can learn the details of our services: