Benefits Of Baby-Wearing

1) Babywearing provides Daddy a way to share the nurturing and enhances family bonding.

2) The gentle movement and closeness to Mommy/Daddy and reminds baby of being in the womb.

3) Babywearing increases parental sensitivity to baby’s needs, as baby is right there.

4) Babywearing is known to decrease crying and fussiness, as well as increase learning.

5) As an active part of their parents’ world through babywearing, babies are able to make the right connections for brain function.

6) Parents who babywear get extra exercise!

7) Breastfeeding is convenient and discreet while babywearing.

8) Babywearing makes it possible to go out with baby without worrying about other people’s hand and germs.

9) Babywearing allows parents to care for and play with older children without neglecting baby.

10) Baby carriers and slings are more convenient than strollers in crowded places, airports, the beach, and other public places.


In honor of Father’s Day, please join us at Lancaster Babies R Us on June 10, 7pm, for our next Baby-Wearing workshop. You can try on different styles and brands to find which is most comfortable for your body.

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  2. Pedro says:

    I was not planning to have a cresaaian at all, but my bundle of joy had other ideas! When we found out at 37 weeks that the baby had turned and was now breech, I wasn’t given much of an option- a caesar it was. After Willow was born I spent the next 5 days in the hospital before coming home on a Saturday and crashing! But on Sunday my husband suggested going for a short walk to get some fresh air, we’d basically been inside for a week! I was willing to give it a go, but how to work it?I had a sling and a stretchy wrap as well as a pram- but it didn’t seem right to put this tiny baby into that big pram all by herself. As a novice baby wearer the sling seemed the most user friendly, and sure enough with not much fuss, she was all tucked in and we set off for a local cafe. It was surprisingly comfortable, Willow seemed to love it and was asleep within minutes, and over the next couple of weeks as we ventured out together I received many comments and complements.Before my unscheduled caesar I probably couldn’t have imagined carrying a baby post surgery, but it worked perfectly for us. And as my baby grew and I progressed to using the wrap (when Willow was diagnosed with DDH and had to wear a Pavlik harness the wrap worked wonderfully!) it just felt right to continue. In my experience both of these carriers were comfortable and placed no painful pressure on my incision, and especially when we were out and about was a lot easier than bending and reaching to get her in and out of a pram!

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