Lose the Juice, Give Your Kiddos Tea!

Giving our kids juice is a much better option than soda, we all know this, but juice may not be the best choice as an alternative to water and milk. Here’s why.

While juice is made from fruit, it doesn’t contain the fiber needed to slow down the effects of the sugar in the blood. This can cause spikes in blood sugar, which will lead to crashes that can make for a hyper and/or cranky child.

I don’t know anyone that would knowingly let their child eat 4 oranges in one sitting. However, that’s about how much sugar a glass of orange juice contains, but without the fiber to soften the blow on the blood sugar.

Additionally, juice is pasteurized so vital nutrients and enzymes are lost, making it one step closer to flavored sugar water.

With childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes now considered epidemics, we should limit the amount of sugar our kids are getting.

Try trading that sippy cup of juice to herbal tea! My daughter loves rooibos tea. It’s my favorite, too. I love it hot or iced. Naturally sweet and caffeine free, it contains more antioxidants and less tannins than green teas. Made from the leaves of the African Red Bush (as rooibos is also called), this tea has also been said to assist with digestion, allergies, sleeplessness and nervous tension. Rooibos is popular in South Africa, and moms there commonly use it for colicky babies. Also, similar to rooibos is honeybush tea, as the plants are related. Honeybush is a little sweeter and is often paired with vanilla.

Another tea that has been known to soothe fussy babies, particularly colicky and teething babes, is chamomile tea. You can give it orally in an eyedropper, or make a weak (diluted) brew for your child to drink. You can even soak a washcloth in some brewed chamomile and then freeze it to create a soothing teether.

Some herbal teas have stronger medicinal properties, so please do a little reading before introducing a new tea to your little one.

Here’s to soothed babies and totally awesome tea parties!

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