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Lose the Juice, Give Your Kiddos Tea!

Giving our kids juice is a much better option than soda, we all know this, but juice may not be the best choice as an alternative to water and milk. Here’s why.While juice is made from fruit, it doesn’t contain the fiber needed to slow down the effects of the sugar in the blood. This can cause […]

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You’ve Been Told To Eat Organic… Even the American Medical Association Agrees.

If you mainly buy organic foods, people tend to view you as a super-granola hippie extremist/borderline conspiracy theorist. I know this because I get those looks and snarky comments often. There are a TON of studies out there that show time and time again how pesticides negatively impact the body, but they aren’t made well […]

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Three Must-Read Books For Pregnancy and Childbirth

My biggest piece of advice when selecting your pregnancy reading list: Read books that educate and empower, not make you scared. It often seems that unless you seek out alternative sources of information, the only book available for pregnant women is “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” While this book covers common routine tests and […]

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Benefits Of Baby-Wearing

1) Babywearing provides Daddy a way to share the nurturing and enhances family bonding. 2) The gentle movement and closeness to Mommy/Daddy and reminds baby of being in the womb. 3) Babywearing increases parental sensitivity to baby’s needs, as baby is right there. 4) Babywearing is known to decrease crying and fussiness, as well as increase […]

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