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Mothership Reproductive Wellness Collective:

doulas and practitioners for all your reproductive, pregnancy, birth and family wellness needs.

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Creating Smooth Sailing Towards Pregnancy and Beyond

About Us

We are a group of practitioners that offer support and education to women and families that desire a holistic approach to reproductive health and family planning. When you are ready, we will help you to create the strongest, smartest, healthiest baby possible, and help you achieve your ideal birth experience!

Our Services

We provide holistic reproductive wellness services to support you and your family from the time before conception all the way through to parenthood: Fertility counseling Prenatal, Birth, & Postnatal Wellbeing On-Call Doula Services Educational Workshops Referral Resources Prenatal Yoga, Massage and Nutrition Placenta Encapsulation Call us to learn more about our comprehensive care.

Doula services

Mothership's doulas are on-call 24-7 to assist with your labor and birth. Our labor doula's will meet with your prenatally to discuss your birth preferences and provide information, join you at any point in your labor to offer physical and emotional support and visit postpartum to make sure you and baby are doing well. Call to learn more about our doula packages.


Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say about their experience with Mothership.

From The Blog

How Genetically Engineered Foods Are Affecting Our Hormones, Fertility, and Offspring

(These are the speech notes that Mothership’s founder, Jaclyn Downs, gave at the March Against Monsanto. Scientific references are included at the bottom of the page)
For those of you that […]

Natural Selection (of feminine products)

We think about toxins in our food, but not our feminine products
Most of us are aware that processed foods laden with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, texturizers andĀ flavor enhancers are harmful to […]

Upcoming Events

**Prenatal Yoga Classes - 6 Week Series - Thursday evenings, 7:15pm, Bridge Yoga in Lancaster. Call or email for details. *****Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center - May 14, 6-8pm. Jaclyn Downs will be speaking about fertility optimization during this free event (there will be snacks and refreshments!). *****March Against Monsanto - GMO Free Lancaster, PA - May 24, 2pm, Penn Square Lancaster. Join our community to support labeling of GMO's. Our fertility optimization specialist, Jaclyn Downs, will be speaking on how genetically modified products affect our fertility and the health of our offspring.